Tuesday , January , 15 2019
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Nonprofit organizations do amazing work—from supporting pet rescue to enabling cancer research. But what nonprofit isn’t strapped for funds these days? Fundraising events are expensive to produce. Silent auctions yield variable returns. And mail campaigns to raise awareness are notoriously unreliable. Isn’t there a better way?

INSPIRE.WORLD helps raise money for your organization easily and efficiently.


Why Partner with Us?

  • No Cost
  • Minimal effort
  • No more door-to door
  • Large product selection
  • Multiple sources of revenue
  • Raise money 24/7/365 anywhere in the country



  • Non-profits are challenged not only to make people aware of their cause but to get them to support financially.
  • Inspire provides a new fundraising solution that’s free and easy for anyone to set up.
  • Your constituents can now purchase everyday products of their choice and a large percentage of the purchase goes back to support their favorite cause.
  • There is zero cost and minimal effort on your part to set up. You’ll raise more money in a shorter time with the help of Inspire’s fundraising platform.

Video content

We’ve partnered with a leading content provider to include popular video content driving more traffic to your fundraising site and greater advertising revenue to share in

Marketing support will drive email, text and social network marketing for your organization. We will provide email templates for you to communicate to your contacts.

Leading technology

Your state-of-the-art fundraising site provides a friendly and secure user experience.


Best prices

No more outrageous fundraising prices. We use the latest technology to keep the products priced to compete with the top online retailers.