Family Budgeting and Fundraising for a Parochial School Education

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There are helpful sites to use to evaluate schools in your area. US News and World Report ranks public schools across the country, https://www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools their rankings include colleges, universities, online colleges, global universities as well as public high schools, including charter schools, magnet schools, and STEM schools. The high school ranking includes listings of best high schools by state. In addition for parochial schools, you might want to check out https://www.niche.com/k12/rankings/ for both high schools and K-12 school rankings. Their rankings include information on best teachers, diversity, and college prep. 

When parents make a decision to enroll their children in a parochial school, they may have to address some serious family budget considerations as well as participate in several fundraising efforts at the school. A parochial education can be expensive and certainly can be money well spent. Many families see the benefits of the education justifying the costs. There are resources available to help parents make informed budgeting decisions and learn about potential sources to defray the cost of tuition.

There are several website resources that can help with family budgeting. Your bank or credit union may have family budgeting resources. Or check out consumer-friendly, radio host and author Dave Ramsey’s site https://www.daveramsey.com/get-started/budget.

In addition, you can find age-appropriate budgeting skill information available to share with your children, check out http://www.themint.org/kids/saving.html. This is a good way to impart money management tips at a young age and reinforce your family values. There are several other popular resources available to people at all stages of life with just a quick internet search you can begin to arm yourself with sound budgeting advice. While solid family budgeting skills will help you get a handle on tuition payments, the other money related aspect of attending parochial school is fundraising.

The fundraising component of being a parochial parent is a different but related factor. Many schools have various fundraisers throughout the year and special fundraising events by grade. Some schools may have a tuition assistance fundraising effort for deserving students (or you may want to start such an effort if your school doesn't have one). If you are interested in potential scholarship resources there are several programs available to help with tuition and some popular ones are listed on this site by state. https://scholarshipfund.org/apply/other-sources-of-tuition-assistance/There are also sites that offer resource information like https://grantspace.org/resources/knowledge-base/funding-for-private-elementary-secondary-school/

Inspire.World offers a free e-commerce platform that can be a school’s fundraising partner year-round and augment many existing fundraising efforts. This site offers more than 25,000 products where families can purchase things they are already buying, and 50% of the profit goes to the school. This free e-commerce platform can be a separate tab on your school’s website.

Inspire.World could be used by the entire school (and not just a specific grade). If your school doesn’t have a tuition assistance or scholarship program, parents and faculty may see it as way to jump start a fund for this purpose for deserving students. In fact, having a fundraising blitz selling the Inspire.World Perks Entertainment App (available for purchase from a free e-commerce site) can be a great way to quickly earn a sizable amount of money.

Entertainment App Benefits

  • Deep discount coupons at more than 500,000 restaurants, entertainment, and service locations throughout the US & Canada
  • Geolocation automatically provides discounts in any area you’re traveling to
  • Each App sells for $25 with $10 going back to your team
  • If 100 families sell 10 Entertainment Apps each, they will collectively raise $10,000 for your school in just a couple of weeks
  • All sales are online and Inspire.World manages all the orders
  • Receive the funds in your bank account a few days after your sales blitz

You can insert a city or zip code in the following Entertainment App link and you'll see a listing of the discounts available in that area https://inspireworldperks.com/coupons

Arming yourself with sound budgeting skills and an effective fundraising partner, may put you at the head of the class!






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