Fundraising for Faith-based Groups and Organizations

There is a lot to consider and to do, whether you are charged with raising funds for your synagogue, mosque, temple, or church. And whether you are the individual in charge or on a fundraising committee, this post from Inspire.World may help you think through how you might approach your task.

  1. Examine previous giving trends: is there a time of year that is the most popular for your donors to give, are there certain fundraising events you repeat on an annual basis that will continue because they are popular and successful? Do you know who your largest donors are and what it is important in their lives? 
  2. Look at attendance trends: Again, it is not unusual for attendance at most worship services to drop off throughout the summer. People are taking vacation time (maybe attending a service on the road) or possibly just living a more relaxed, less scheduled lifestyle. Regardless, it is not wise to plan a major giving effort in the summer. And by the way, do you have a way for people to continue to give even if they are not attending a weekly service, like monthly electronic giving?
  3. Set your strategy: Are you looking for a specific onetime need to raise funds (i.e. a new roof or sending a youth group on a mission trip), are you looking for new ideas to make it convenient for your donors, are you looking for something additive? Set a fundraising goal for the year.
  4. Analyze your methods of promotion: Make a list of all your promotion strategies, email, flyer posted on the bulletin board, website, a printed magazine or bulletin your organization distributes to members, or live announcements at a weekly service. Then craft the key messages for each of those vehicles in order to the get the word out and reinforce the message.
  5. Key points of communication: Remember the who, what, where and how of the fundraiser:
  • What’s the $ goal, what will the funds be used for
  • What’s the time frame
  • Where will the fundraiser be physically located – i.e. is it a dinner in the building’s gathering space
  • If the campaign is online, with an online fundraising partner like Inspire.Worldhow will you distribute the URL (link) to the site, and how do people contribute
  1. Acknowledge: Remember to communicate the results, thank the donors and acknowledge their key role in helping to achieve your goal.

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