Spooked by Door-to-Door Fundraising? -- Or Why is Door-to-Door Fundraising Going by the Wayside?

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Fall is upon us, the kids are back in school, and maybe you’ve been asked to be the volunteer parent that helps your child’s classroom or team raise funds for a specific cause. Your school or team is no doubt inundated with fundraising ideas, some of the most popular ones involve selling products door-to-door.  Here’s why selling products door-to-door may not be the best choice:

  • You typically have to commit to an amount of product upfront and may need to even purchase product in advance. For example, it can be a costly commitment for a team or classroom to purchase cases of candy bars in advance. And, you run the risk of not being able to sell the amount of product to which you commit, if that might be the case, make sure you can return it for a full refund.
  • Most likely the candy company or – or whatever the product of choice to sell is -- wrapping paper, candles, etc. will keep a large percentage of the sale. You will need to plan on a much smaller percentage of your total sales to actually go to funding your cause.
  • You also will need to work with a representative from the product company. You may not find their stipulations work well with your classroom or team schedule.
  • Last but not least, think about the perishable items, some fundraisers involve selling frozen pizzas, meat, or cookie dough. That all adds complexity to how and where the product is delivered to you and how quickly it can be dispersed to the kids to get the product out to their supporters.

We at Inspire.World are here to help with a revolutionary digital fundraising platform. We deliver a customized e-commerce site to you, and your team shares the site via a link in a text message or email to their friends and family and encourages them to shop for things they would normally buy – and half the profit goes to the cause! It’s that simple. 

Inspire.World beats door-to-door selling hands down:

  • No upfront costs, ever
  • You keep half the profit of your sales
  • You plan the fundraiser on your schedule as there is no physical product to gather and distribute, it’s all done online
  • No perishable items, ever





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