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If you are new to fundraising for your faith-based group or organization there are things you should consider based on your organization, the giving trends of its supporters, your fundraising goals, and means of communication. Read on to learn some basic considerations.
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How are you supposed to best communicate about fundraising for your child's activity or sport? Do you just send a quick email or make a brief social media post and appeal to all your friends and family in one fell swoop? This post outlines five key steps for successfully communicating and successfully fundraising. Read on to gain insight.
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We get it. Fundraising can be daunting. It is hard to come up with creative ideas, marshal the troops, and raise the necessary funds to pay for the new uniforms -- the travel costs to the team's tournament -- or whatever your reason is to raise funds. This post examines what to look for when evaluating and selecting a partner organization to help you fundraise.
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In this post we compare and contrast the difference between a onetime push for funds over a short, concentrated period of time, versus an ongoing steady pace of fundraising throughout the calendar year. Both can be successful and raise money for worthy causes, both can result in achieving your goal, but take note of the nuances between the two to see which is right for you.
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It is difficult juggling all the tasks of raising a family, working, and volunteering. Many parents are tasked with volunteering for certain responsibilities related to their children's activities. If you are charged with fundraising for their sport or club, here are some tips to help you think: good preparation, good communication and showing appreciation. Here are Five Key Steps for running a truly Inspired Fundraiser!
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We at Inspire.World know that fundraising for your cause can be daunting -- whether for your son or daughter's youth sports or activity, or your own club. We offer these tried and true tips and tricks to make the process as painless as possible and at the same time to pack as much of a financial punch as possible towards your fundraising goal.
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