Tuesday , January , 15 2019
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iNSPiRE.WORLD helps your favorite cause raise money without any hassles or upfront cost. Supporters simply shop for competitively priced everyday products and a significant percentage of their purchase goes back to the cause.
  • Using our online registration form, you create a customized website page in minutes with a portal to our online store. You can add your logo, photos, videos and more.
  • Next use our ready-made templates to create a significant universe of consumers through social networks, emails, texts linking supporters to your fundraising page.
  • Once your supporters have clicked the link to reach your online store, they can browse more than 15,000 products. A significant portion of the proceeds from your supporters’ purchases will go into an account that ultimately pays out to the cause.
  • Track sales and monthly commissions through your iNSPiRE.WORLD custom portal.
  • iNSPiRE.WORLD will continually support your fundraising efforts by reaching out on your behalf to your supporters with special offers and success stories to drive ongoing revenue to your cause.




FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Nothing. There are no costs associated with signing up or using our services. We are here to help you raise funds easily and effortlessly.
It takes about 10 minutes to fill out the forms and upload the logo, pictures, videos and messages that will populate your organization’s fundraising page. You complete an online form, agree to our terms and conditions agreement, and we handle the rest. We will then email you your custom store web address within 3 business days.
Yes, your custom webpage will work on all popular browsers whether it is viewed on a computer, smartphone, tablet or any other common device and provide all the great features and functionality you would get on a desktop computer.
We provide customer service support for all products sold on our website. You won’t have to worry about anything related to customer support.
We offer more than 15,000 products for sale in a wide variety of categories, including electronics, clothing, furniture, jewelry toys, and online video and games.
iNSPiRE.WORLD offers you a great alternative to traditional fundraising options. iNSPiRE.WORLD’s objective is to give your organization the tools to reach your funding objective, with virtually no work, so you can focus most of your energy on your core mission.
The amount that will be returned to you organization will be posted alongside the total price on the iNSPIRE.WORLD shopping site.