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Some tips we’ve learned at Inspire.World from fundraising parents (and coaches) to help you be involved and supportive but not overbearing (trust us, nobody wants to be that parent)!
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Congratulations! Your son or daughter just made their first travel sports team and they are super excited. We know they they will make new friends, learn more about their sport, and be more involved than ever. And you, as a parent, may learn that more is expected of you in regards to fundraising. You may even be on the fundraising committee and expected to come up with new ideas. This post addresses expectations of travel sports fundraising.
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At Inspire.World we strive to put our clients and potential clients first. We are now offering a service to book group hotel reservations at name brand hotels around the United States and Canada at a discount while also raising money for your team, activity or event.
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Learn how your team can raise funds by offering your very own customized, online shopping site -- that offers your friends and family everyday products that always ship free, while your team or cause raises money 24/7/365!
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